About me

I am Patrick Stevens, a software engineer based in London, England.

Photo of me under the Northern Lights

I completed my BA+MMath at the University of Cambridge.

Social media accounts:

I am very interested in maths and puzzle-solving. For instance:


  • F#: this is my day job.
  • Mathematica (recreationally); it’s a lovely Lisp-ish thing. At one point, I was very active on the Mathematica StackExchange.
  • Python: better-than-code-monkey experience. The open-source Sextant and Endroid are in Python; I contributed to both of these in my dim and distant past.
  • C#: my day job interacts moderately frequently with C# code.
  • Delphi: the language I learned first.
  • Agda: I’m playing around with this one at the moment.

I have an interest in rationality, philosophy, lifehacking, and the links between these. I like to play around with words and constrained writing (such as poetry).