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Patrick Stevens

Former mathematics student at the University of Cambridge; now a software engineer.

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About me

I am Patrick Stevens, a software engineer based in Hertfordshire, England. I used to be a mathematics student; I completed my BA+MMath at the University of Cambridge.

My CV can be given on request to those who have sufficient reason. References, postal address, telephone and so forth can be provided for employment purposes.

The posts of which I am most proud on this website are:

I have a Twitter account (used sporadically) which I am getting around to syndicating my posts at. My handle is @smaug12345.

I also have a fledgling Github account, but currently the only programming project of substance there is my solution to the Crossflip puzzle. I didn’t develop it using Github (or even git), but rather uploaded it fully-formed (I used Subversion as my version control system during the creation of that program). This website itself is a GitHub Page which is hosted on that account.

For email contact, you can contact me by taking my first name (in lowercase), and appending I have a sadly under-used public key, but it is not very well signed because I have been unable [through lack of effort on my part] to find people to sign it.

I am very interested in maths. For instance, I am reasonably active on the Maths StackExchange, and I have solved a number of Project Euler problems (I am Smaug there). I also enjoy recreational thinking about computery things - on, I am laz0r, although I have run out of low-hanging fruit on that site and I haven’t returned to it for a while. (I have no idea what is wrong with the ranking engine - it fluctuates wildly without anyone actually submitting anything.)


  • Mathematica (recreationally); it’s a lovely Lisp. At one point, I was very active on the Mathematica StackExchange.
  • Python: better-than-code-monkey experience. (If I had to do a coding interview, it would be in Python.) The open-source Sextant and Endroid are in Python; I contributed to both of these in my dim and distant past.
  • F#: this is my day job.
  • C#: my day job interacts moderately frequently with C# code.
  • Delphi: the language I learned first.
  • Agda: I’m playing around with this one at the moment.

I have an interest in rationality, philosophy, lifehacking, and the links between these. I like to play around with words and constrained writing (such as poetry).