Product comparisons

This page is an ongoing history of product comparisons, made informally but blindly.

Miso soup

I’m still on a quest for the perfect miso soup; I remember one that was really great from my childhood, and I don’t know which it was.

Clearspring Organic White Miso Instant Soup Paste vs Itsu Miso’easy Traditional Miso

These were quite different from each other. Itsu was powerful; Clearspring was subtle. Initially I thought that Itsu won by a country mile, but actually I could imagine a mood in which Clearspring wins; it’s not totally clear cut. Itsu is still the victor.


This was actually pretty good, though I didn’t have it in a comparison with any other. I’ll buy this again.


A standard useful thing to have around when you need calories.

Ocado own-brand vs Tesco own-brad

There’s no contest here. Ocado tastes of tahini; Tesco is just a bit insipid. Ocado is the clear winner.