In which I augment the lexicon

A few dubiously-real words which I think should be more widely used.

CUCaTS Puzzlehunt

At the end of last (that is, Lent 2012-2013) term at Cambridge, I took part in the Cambridge University Computing and Technology Society Puzzlehunt¬†(for some reason, as of this writing, they haven’t yet updated that page for this year’s Puzzlehunt, but last year’s is up there). A short summary: the Puzzlehunt is a treasure hunt around Cambridge, crossed with a whole bunch of online computing-based puzzles. It’s very difficult, and it lasts for twenty-four hours.

First post

Hello all! In the spirit of shouting into an echoing void, this is my first post, testing whether the setup works. Some content will probably turn up soon.

Sylow theorems

A fairly long and winding way through a proof of the three Sylow theorems.