Christmas quiz

General knowledge

Answers are given in ROT13.

  • What comes fourth? Nougat and caramel; soil; goddess of love; (yvdhvq zrgny; guvf vf gur cynargf tbvat vajneqf)
  • What are the flavours of a Neapolitan ice cream? (inavyyn fgenjoreel pubpbyngr)
  • There are plenty of very early people like Kayumarth of Aryans, or Adam, who might or might not have existed. The earliest specific person who definitely existed and whose name we know is from where? His name is Narmer. (ur jnf na Rtlcgvna cunenbu)
  • The first Poirot book is “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”. How did its murder take place? (cbvfbavat jvgu fgelpuavar)
  • Half a point for each Tate Museum you can name (oevgnva yvirecbby zbqrea fg virf)
  • Which is the only letter worth five points in Scrabble? (x nf va xvyb)
  • When Fay Wray was told she would act alongside the “tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood”, she thought this meant Cary Grant. Who was it? (xvat xbat)
  • What is the most sold flavour of Walker’s crisps? (purrfr naq bavba)
  • Daft Punk “Technologic” starts with the first two lines “Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it”. In the next six lines, name any two of the other things you do to it. (“Punetr vg, cbvag vg, mbbz vg, cerff vg, fanc vg, jbex vg, dhvpx, renfr vg, jevgr vg, phg vg, cnfgr vg, fnir vg, ybnq vg, purpx vg, dhvpx, erjevgr vg, cyht vg, cynl vg, ohea vg, evc vg, qent naq qebc vg, mvc, hamvc vg”)
  • Who played Jim Hacker in “Yes, Minister”? (Cnhy Rqqvatgba)