This page is a list of restaurants I know to be good, or which I intend to try.


  • Dishoom (Bombay/Irani). For good reason are they something of a meme; I might actually agree that it’s worth queueing outside to get in. There’s almost always room for breakfast, and their breakfast is excellent (bacon and egg naan roll, chai). My favourite dishes thus far are probably the black lentil dahl and the ruby chicken.
  • Shoryu (ramen). Solid, middlingly-expensive chain. Everything they do is about equally good.
  • Taro (Japanese). On the cheaper end. The chicken teri don is a lot of food (if you double the chicken, it’s considerably more than I could eat) and is really rather good. Bento boxes also good, but really the chicken teriyaki can’t be beaten on price-to-calories.
  • Hawksmoor (steak). Very expensive. I’m not a steak person, but their fish menu is also excellent. No vegan offering, if I recall correctly.
  • Casa do Frango (Portuguese chicken; basically an upmarket Nando’s). Located very near Borough Market. Quite a bit nicer than Nando’s, and only modestly more expensive. The pastel de nata is very expensive but sublime. Vegan/vegetarian options very limited.
  • Applebee’s Fish (fish). Located in Borough Market. We encountered no duds on their menu and said we’d go again.
  • Aster (Scandi/French). Located near Victoria. Pretty expensive, but we had a great birthday meal here.

Not tried

  • Heddon Yokocho (ramen). Jay Rayner recommended; better than Shoryu and same price; near Regent Street.